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    • Jamie Whalley
      Hi Stuart,  We'd be delighted to talk to your friend about a machine monitoring solution. We've been developing, installing and supporting manufacturing data collection technologies for more than 25 years. There's some product information here, including a brief overview video. We can certainly capture the data you've mentioned. If it's of interest or you want to go into more detail, please feel free to drop me an email.  Kind regards Jamie
    • Daniel Kirmatzis
      Hi @Satya we've had a recommendation who saw this question on our Twitter account. They suggest the following: 'You would be better producing the part from solid bar on a CNC lathe or sliding head lathe. You can then drill the one whilst ‘threadrolling’ or just drill the hole and thread roll ‘offline’ on a deadicated machine.' I hope this helps. Best regards, Daniel.
    • Stuart Biddle
      A friend of mine who runs a precision engineering business has posed this to me... Just a question, have you come across any suppliers of machine monitoring software?  My goal is to be able to record when machines are running, stopped, part count, cycle time etc.  Please let me know if you have any recommendations (or platforms to stay away from!) Thanks!
    • Kriti Bajpai
      India’s manufacturing workforce has the necessary skills and availability to attract significant foreign investment, according to a new report from global executive search and human capital firm Catenon. Catenon surveyed more than 1,600 manufacturing professionals and 200 human resources (HR) heads across 11 sectors in India to get an overview of the skills on offer. Sectors in focus were manufacturing-intensive, such as automotive, building, chemicals, life science, and metals & mining, among others. The study comes against the backdrop of India’s push to become a central part of the global manufacturing supply chain, evaluating the market’s suitability for such a position. To this end, Catenon examined factors such as: the manufacturing ecosystem; the skill level, cost and preferences of the workforce; the partnership network; the regulatory incentives on offer; and the level of digitalisation. The results are promising. Digital skills, for instance, appear to be at a particularly high level across the board, with some sectoral variations. Interestingly, manufacturing professionals in various sectors believe the level of digital skills to be significantly higher than HR heads in the respective fields. A stark contrast is visible in the building materials industry, for example, where manufacturing professionals reported digital adoption at well over 80%, while HR heads put this figure below 40%.  Nevertheless, in all other sectors, HR heads report a digital adoption rate of more than 50%, reflecting a digitally mature environment. So the relevant skills are on offer, and Catenon reports that most of the workforce also holds a high degree of qualification. In fact, more than half of the HR heads surveyed reported that white collar workforce is easily available, if not very easily available. At the same time, India is a rapidly urbanising country, and the skilled workforce tends to be concentrated in a handful of areas. There is good news on this front as well, with Catenon reporting that well over 80% of the manufacturing workforce is willing migrate to a different location to take up a professional opportunity. Read the full article at https://www.consultancy.in/news/3220/indias-workforce-is-ready-and-willing-for-a-manufacturing-drive
    • Kriti Bajpai
    • Daniel Kirmatzis
      Hi @Kriti Bajpai Many thanks for sharing, I have shared on our Twitter page as well as I think members will find this of interest. Best regards, Daniel.
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