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The Roaring 20s - make your mark on the new decade

Daniel Kirmatzis


New Year's Eve 2029 - you're looking back on the last decade and the thought running through your head goes something like this, 'why didn't I achieve more?'. Well, the roaring 20s have just begun so that thought hasn't materialised yet and it doesn't have to. A quote attributed to Charles Dickens will help motivate you, "The most important thing in life is to stop saying 'I wish' and start saying 'I will.' Consider nothing impossible, then treat possibilities as probabilities." The future is yours for the taking. You now have a whole decade ahead of you to make a real difference. But it has to start now!

Start with where you are at today - and I mean 2 January 2020. Now imagine your future self on New Year's Eve 2029 - where do you want to be? Don't just think about it but start setting achievable targets to get where you want to go. Do you want to invent a new product that revolutionises the industry you work in? Maybe you want to climb the career ladder and be a CEO of a leading manufacturing business? Perhaps you want to write a book? Your ambitions don't have to remain fanciful or unfulfilled. Now is your chance to turn them into realities. 

There are many things that we think hold us back from achieving what we want including:

1. Self doubt - The most successful people in life have doubted their own abilities but what leads them to succeed in their chosen fields is persistence. If you want to succeed in anything you must keep at it and the old maxim is true, Rome wasn't built in a day. Set out tangible targets and measure your progress against them - small steps and regular assessments can make a big difference.

2. Finances - money doesn't grow on trees - but good ideas will always attract investment. If you have an idea that can change your businesses's fortunes then work out how you can raise enough finances to test it - start small with a concept trial and test the theory before you decide to launch a big initiative. Spending lots of money on an untested concept is the road to failure.

3. Time - I don't have enough time - let's put this another way - how much time are you wasting? There are 24 hours in a given day. Aside from working hours you probably have 6 hours to fit everything else in - family, self-improvement, cooking, travel etc. If you are really pushed you may just have 1 hour-a-day to plan for making a your mark. But 1 hour-a-day is 7 hours-a-week which is equal to 15 days in a year. You have 2 whole weeks in a year to make a difference. 

The 2020s will present new challenges for people working in the manufacturing industry - as it will for the shape of human relationships. Brexit, Industry 4.0, Climate Change are just 3 challenges that will impact manufacturers and people working in manufacturing. Some businesses, as with any past disruption, will not survive the decade, but that's why it is important to adapt to these challenges. It is about having your finger on the pulse of these changes. It's also about identifying opportunities for you personally to make your mark - are you the next industry leader sweeping up the awards and leading the way this decade or maybe you will be the individual responsible for inventing an industry changing concept or design?

Make your mark on this decade - don't waste it - be the person on New Year's Eve 2029 who thinks, 'wow! I owned the roaring 20s'.

A happy new decade to all community members and here's to making your mark.

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